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Australian recipes, produce resources, and commercial producers

Australia: recipes, how-to

“Basic Fruit Wine Recipe” for five litres of wine, courtesy of the Frankston Amateur Winemakers’ Guild. Adaptable to the fruit of your choice.

“John Lee’s Gold Medal Award Winning Recipes”, courtesy of the Frankston Winemakers’ Guild with the proviso: “these recipes are presented as ‘decoded’ from John’s recipe cards – they may not be 100% accurate and rely on our interpretation of some of his abbreviations.” Recipes for walnut leaf, zucchini and lemon, spiced wine, mulberry, peapod, orange blossom, mandarin, grapefruit blossom, canteloupe, mulberry and banana, and potato wines.

Australia: produce, foraging and additional resources

Grubb, Adam, and Annie Raser-Rowland. The Weed Forager’s Handbook: A Guide to Edible and Medicinal Weeds in Australia. With a foreword by Costa Georgiadis. Hyland House, 2012. Further information at – there is an online gallery of edible weeds, and the authors run edible weed tours of Melbourne.

Australia: commercial producers (try before you ferment!)

Mountain View Meadery (Peter Green). Peter has won innumerable awards for his Tasmanian honey meads, and his Blackberry was the drink that got me hooked.  You can order his meads, and a variety of other fantastic Tasmanian produce, from the Richmond Tasting House.