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Hi! My name is Anne Shea. I’m a writer and an award-winning ‘boozemaking enthusiast’. I live in Melbourne’s north with my small family, and try to make good things in a small space, and even smaller pockets of time.

I’ve always been interested in jams, pickles and food preserving: fermenting my own bread, ginger beer and kombucha quickly led me to the joy of mead, then wine (did you know you can make raspberry wine, and peach wine?), cider, beer and more.

I love teaching just as much as I love making my own booze, and I hope you get something out of reading here.

From time to time, I put together the Booze News: new projects, recipes, reviews and produce spotlights from this site and around the web. If that sounds relevant to your interests, please sign up to my newsletter below.

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