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Acid Blend That Doesn’t Suck

Acid Blend That Doesn’t Suck

Acid blend gets a bad rap these days and deservedly so. The stuff you buy is almost completely made of citric acid, with maybe a hint of tartaric and malic acid thrown in.  Citric acid is cheap, so companies use it to bulk up their blends. This means that commercial acid blend is not particularly tasty, or complex, or suitable for the wine you’re making

I make my own blend, and have been using in just about any circumstance unless I’ve got something very particular in mind. It’s based on the natural mix typically found in ripe grapes.  All of these acids are super cheap to buy, and if you get all three and combine them in a jar you’ll have enough to last years, potentially.  Acid blend doesn’t expire, just keep it well sealed.

  • Tartaric – 50% by weight
  • Malic acid – 40% by weight
  • Citric acid – 10% by weight.

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