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Recipe books and how-to guides (by decade)


*Nan K. Chase and DeNeice C. Guest. Drink The Harvest: Making and Preserving Juices, Wines, Teas, and Ciders. MA, Storey Publishing, 2014. A friendly how-to on using garden produce in different ways, although recipes are old-fashioned in that they lack (for example) nutrient additions or guidance on headspace management or fermentation control.





*C. J J Berry, First Steps in Winemaking. Amateur Winemaker, 1960.  Reprints of this book have been issued many times all the way through until (at least) 2002, most recently from Special Interest Books. The value of “the Berry book” both historically and practically cannot be overstated and many country winemakers still refer to it extensively. Although some of Berry’s methods have been surpassed, his depth of knowledge and passion for the subject of country wines has not. This book contains sensible advice on all stages of creation of good wines, along with more than a hundred recipes both ‘regular’ and very strange. Metric and Imperial measurements are given for one gallon of each recipe, making conversion (for example to a 5L jug) very easy.