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These links are to show pages. Most are widely available through itunes, pocket casts, stitcher etc.

GotMead. (Vicky Rowe, A.J. Ermenc, and other hosts including, often, Hamish Lucas from Australia (and my home guild Eltham). Long format, chatty show about mead making, with a focus on modern techniques. In 2016 GotMead ran a useful beginners’ series called ‘Back to Basics’, which can be found in their episode archives. A particularly strong showing in guest women winemakers and meadmakers, which can be missing elsewhere.

The Mead House (JD Webb, Jeff Shouse, Ryan Richardson). Hard to search their archive as it’s not labelled by topic, but another interesting chat show to try out.

Cider Chat (Ria Windcaller). Ria is dedicated to promoting high quality and interesting cideries from around the world. There’s a lovely interview with Patrick Meagher of Tasmania’s Simple Cider, for example.

Fuhment Aboudit! (Chris Cuzme, Mary Izett). A broader podcast about fermentation out of Brooklyn, New York, with lots on meadmaking which is an interest of Mary’s.

Basic Brewing.  Primarily a beer podcast, but the hosts have become very interested in meadmaking and there are several podcasts on mead in recent years. Worth a dig through the archive.

BeerSmith.  Primarily a beer podcast, but some good mead items in the archive, such as: