beer, cider, wine and more from your home kitchen

Online resources, including recipe blogs

I haven’t tried to include every recipe blog out there (there are far too many to count). As I find good ones I add them to the list.

Jack KellerThe internet’s largest resource for country wine recipes.

Homebrew from the Hedgerow (John Wright). A short but elegant series for the Guardian UK on home winemaking. A focus on foraged UK-only ingredients, but worth a read.

Sake World (John Gauntner).  A major internet resource on how to appreciate sake, how it is made commercially, and how it can be made to an authentic technique at home. Newsletter archives

Daily Fruit Wine. A blog by a commercial fruit wine consultant, which often has articles of interest about fruit winemaking in different parts of the world using fruits that may not be familiar. Of particular interest – a piece on how fruit winemaking offers different challenges to grape winemaking:

Home Brew Sake A solid resource for learning to make sake at different levels of technical complexity.

EC Kraus A popular site with extensive sections for recipes and troubleshooting.

Got Mead.  A resource and forum for meadmaking that has been around for many years. With a ‘newbee’ guide and live show weekly (see also: podcasts). Paid membership allows additional access to resources such as prize winning recipes.

Mead Made Right (Sergio Moutella).  Author of TOSNA 2.0, popular new technique for feeding and caring for yeast using stepped additions of Fermaid-0 nutrient.