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Australia – Groups, Guilds, Meetups and Chats

Guilds and meet-ups

Eltham & District Winemakers Guild. My home guild, a friendly society of country and grape winemakers. We meet once a month.

Frankston Amateur Winemakers Guild.  The first country wine society established anywhere in Australia.

Fruit Winemakers (Tas) Inc.

Wodonga & District Fruit Flower and Herb Winemakers Guild.

Australian Mead Makers on Facebook.


Wine shows featuring non-grape wines

Eltham & District Winemakers Guild ShowTypically held in November.  One of the larger selections of country wines and meads available for public tasting.

Australian Fruit Wine and Cider Show. The biggest show in town, typically held in January. Public tastings available.

Frankston Amateur Winemakers Guild ShowTypically held in August.  Public tastings available.

Wodonga & District Annual Wine Competition. Typically held in March. Public tastings available.