small is beautiful

small is beautiful

Meadmaking, winemaking, cooking and eating in Melbourne, Australia. Seeking wonderful produce to play with, and sharing recipes. Join me and learn how you can make your own, even in the tiniest space.

Welcome to Small Batch

The romance of creating wonderful food and drink on a huge scale (Passata days! A cellar! An orchard!) is intoxicating, but that’s not where life is for most of us. At best there’s a corner of the pantry and an odd bit of time on weekends and evenings.

The projects you’ll find on this site can all be made in a small space, and in pockets of time stolen from work, kids, and all the other business of acting like a grown up when you’d really rather be berry picking. There’s a project for every time of year, and nothing will break the bank or take over your home. You can make a tiny jar of unique bitters or a liqueur from things you forage on your walk home – and even your very own wine.

I made this website as a space to write down what I’m learning, and share my recipes, ideas and research on everything boozy you can make at home. As such I would love to hear from you if you have comments or requests.

To get started, you might like to check out these pages:

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