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welcome to small batch

welcome to small batch

let's make something delicious

Why brew a small batch?

The romance of creating wonderful food and drink on a huge scale (Passata days! A cellar! An orchard!) is intoxicating, but that’s not where life is for most of us. At best there’s a corner of the pantry and an odd bit of time on weekends and evenings.

The projects you’ll find on this site can all be made in a small space, and in pockets of time stolen from work, kids, and all the other business of acting like a grown up when you’d really rather be berry picking.

Small batches let you take advantage of a kilo or two of great produce whenever you come across it. You can rediscover country wine traditions that have been largely abandoned in modern life, and taste some truly unique drinks that aren’t for sale in the grog shops. The supermarket suddenly, inexplicably has really good apricots? Grab what’s there, eat some, and make wine with the rest!

You can make any of the small batches on this site with no more than a couple of hours to spare and while you do other things.

  • You won’t need a lot of equipment.
  • You can try things and see if you like them, change your recipes up in successive batches, and always have a big variety of things to drink.
  • It’s easy to find somewhere to ferment and store a small batch.
  • Your kitchen will stay (mostly) clean, and you can have other things on the go. I often mash my beers on the back of the stove while I prep dinner on the front burner (and drink a beer from a previous batch…)
  • Since it’s easy, cheap and fast, you’ll probably find yourself making a batch often instead of waiting for the time to be just right.

Welcome to a wonderful new hobby!

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